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New York City ain’t Dead, You’re Dead – S01E21

A lot of people got a lot of opinions about New York City being dead. That’s very corny. We’re in a pandemic. Everyone is hurting. If you want to see what dead is like, go visit some remote states. I was in Maine for a week and that place looks dead & buried by relation. However, Maine is a goddamn lovely place. It’s a hidden gem and I think the people that live there are keeping quiet about it. I also discovered that I am still afraid of the dark. To be honest, we all should be. You don’t know what the hell is out there! You can find what the hell is on this episode though by listening in…

Violent Video Games and Violent StandUp – S01E20

Yes, I’m still in the middle of Dark Souls but more so I have been doing a lot of standup as well. I was even on the show where a big named headliner was assaulted. Wanna hear more? Listen in. 

Love In the Time of Corona – S01E19

I’ve been doing things that felt like the way life was before this pandemic. I’ve been safe about it but it felt nice to have that feeling for a little bit. I suggest you try it. I mean be smart about it too. Don’t end up getting the virus and attributing it to this podcast. Sure, I could use the publicity. You know what? Lick a subway pole. Might change this podcast name to Blame This Podcast. 

The Hardest Video Game Boss is My Ego – S01E18

You might be hurting like me now that the CARES act ended. So we may have to rely on a loved one to help us out? That has to suck asking for a handout (govt handout excluded) or does it? I explore that ego feeling of having someone help you out. Maybe it’s just me. But maybe it’s also you too.

Dark of My Soul with Dark Souls – S01E17

Dark Souls got me wondering a lot about my life considering how considerate you have to be to stay alive. I think about being more present and there are points in my life where I was very present. I even tell a time when I used to intern at Radio America – the biggest Republican Radio network in America. Life brings you to all sorts of weird places and this is one of them. Tune in to find out more. 

Tell Everyone I said NO – S01E15

Took on two games from the Nintendo Switch. You can hear my hot takes on them and some more. Also, I talk about the one powerful word that we don’t celebrate enough as human beings. It separates us from the animals. In addition, I’m done with facade of trying to sound intelligent. Anyone else feel pressure to sound smart? Well, I’m done with that. You gonna get more me.


I’m at the point where I think I should be almost done with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. While I think about the next game to take on (suggestions needed!!) – it has me thinking about how far I came with these characters. In 80 hours, they went from barely squishing giant ants to taking on dragon type creatures. Could you improve that quickly? Maybe even something small like changing your perspective. This episode has me comparing video game characters to us in a bunch of ways. Check it. 


Went to the beach this weekend and boy am I burnt to a crisp. I have no clue why people do it and I got opinions on the matter. I also got opinions on children who “start a business” and why their parents deserve more credit. These opinions tend to form during the low points of whatever video game I am playing. That game still being Xenoblade Chronicles. Even the smallest tasks get me excited to play the game. The only thing more exciting? Making this episode that you’re about to listen to. I swear I am not a Russian bot. 

The Furious and the Furnace – S01E11

Voting in New York City is like taking a test for a class I did not even know I was in. I filled out an absentee ballot and I was more stressed than when I failed my way through precalculus. Finding information on people running may literally be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. It’s an open book test and I think I failed. Also, more Xenoblade Chronicles and a baseball game that is actually fun. Finally, people need to put their damn masks back on. We are getting too lazy. The other thing we can be active about is picking up my album. 

Xenoblade Chronicles of Some Time Off – S01E10

Xenoblade Chronicles just dropped and boy oh boy this game is going to consume my life. I could not be happier to have this as a distraction. Be helpful where you can but when it comes time to hang up your hat for the night, this is the game to get. However, it is not without judgement. Listen up. Also, more giveaways because why not?

Play A Hour in Someone Else’s Controller – S01E09

Finished up Axiom Verge and I got some opinions. Also, it’s a shame that I have to fix the world with my solutions but this lifestyle and video game podcast doesn’t go hard for nothing. In addition, I am doing another giveaway and telling you about my free comedy special. I truly am a man of the people who is living off the government which taxes the people. 

On The Axiom Verge Of Victory – S01E08

In the midst of going through Axiom Verge, I start to have my own train of runaway thoughts. Thoughts on Axiom Verge. Thoughts on my own Comedy Album and Special. Thoughts on Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Even thoughts on The Last Airbender. But more importantly, is there another giveaway? Yes. Grab your controls and tune in…

Crucial Miss on Pay to Play Games – S01E07

On the hunt for something to occupy my time, I have moved on from Rocket League… for now. Currently on Axiom Verge, Old Man’s Journey and the Mobile Pay to Play DomiNATIONS. It was at that point I discovered something that Pay 2 Play is missing that could change the game. Listen in. 

Video Game Bugs – S01E06

GIVE AWAY ALERT! Review this podcast and tell a friend to review this podcast and you get $10. Let’s see how it goes. I started playing Rocket League and let me tell you, I stink. It’s like playing sports as a child all over again. Also, I get into how video games need to capture on this buzz on bees and put more bugs in their games. Also, Japan solved the murder hornet problem. Tune in to hear the solution that I took from another podcast. I gave credit. Smh. 

Trials of Mana and Me – S01E05

This week, I talk about a video game that I recently beat, Trials of Mana. It’s a remake of a game that was released in Japan years ago. I also give you my take on remakes and nostalgia in general. Nostalgia is a money maker that everyone can utilize in their industry to a degree. Also, I have a $10 giveaway. Listen in to listen how…

The Games We Play – S01E04

Going into a deep dive about Trials of Mana and Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch. Do I find a way to tie it into interpretations with language and human understanding? You bet your N95 mask I do! In addition, I break down how advertisers are getting aggressive with the marketing. The constantly listening through my devices is the least of my problems. Listen to find out…

The Joy of Conspiracy Theories – S01E03

There is no better time to look up some conspiracy theories and revel in the insanity. Join me in the insanity. I also got vaccine theories. If you got theories, let me know! Best one wins 10 bucks. Totally serious. If I only get one theory, then nobody wins so tell a friend about this episode. The description has the bet. It’s not mentioned in the episode. Also, I talk about getting Celeste on the Nintendo Switch. It’s one of the hardest platforming games out there. If you played it, hit me up. Would love to chat. 

What IS in – S01E02

Considering your next video game is a big choice! I have to consider my next choice and I hope you can help. I also hope you can help me in telling people to dispose of masks/gloves properly in quarantine. I also lay down some reality checks for people on the coasts about their voting rights and opinions. 

Come One Come Off – S01E01

What better time than now to start a podcast? I was considerate enough to start one when you were burning through content and I hope you’re considerate enough to listen. I give my picks for mobile gaming (free games) and opinions on how people shouldn’t tell you how to live your life (listening to this episode not withstanding)